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Blogging for New Moms – Should You Start a Blog?

So you have been recently blessed with the arrival of a gorgeous little bub? And I know you might be dwelling on the thought of quitting your job and paying full attention to your new born? Well, no worries – this is normal and those are natural concerns of a new mother (a new mother with their own career) and bub must always come first.

And the fact that taking care of your baby is a full time job is also undeniable. But staying hooked up to only one thing can make you a bit frustrated as well right?  Missing your job becomes the cherry on top in such scenarios. So, why don’t you hedge the idleness and do something about it? Missing your job? How about giving blogging a go!

Reasons to start a web log

Starting a blog may assist you get through those times of dissatisfaction and is basically a great way to share your experiences in your new lifestyle, or share your troubles and struggles, or your strategies and tips to overcome them.   There are some sure things that the world would welcome you to share – the good, the bad (and the ugly), even reviewing baby accessories or clothes, baby strollers or  baby car seats etc.  New mothers are sponges of information that help the make decisions and your reviews would be lapped up enthusiastically if prepared for and aimed at mums like you.

If you’re missing work and simply finding that your finances aren’t as healthy as you’d like them to be, beginning a blog is often a fun and easy way to get that operational side of your old working life back (with flexibility built in) and additionally build some additional funds while you’re at it!

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Doesn’t it demand a lot of money and time?

Many people look at some of the largest and best blogs and websites and straight away assume that you need a crazy amount of cash to make something similar. While this could be true, you don’t have to have mountains of money to get started. You just need the below three things:

  • A domain name – this can be the name of your web site and can be one thing like web.yoursite.com (click here for our recommended webhost that this website is built on:
  • Hosting – your hosting supplier is accountable for obtaining your web site up on-line and for everybody to ascertain.
  • An idea – this may need somewhat of your time to manifest, however it’s sometimes utterly free!

All in all, you’re attending to be gazing no over around $100 for everything. You’ll even have it off less expensive if you browse for a deal, hosting goes to be your biggest expense.

Does this actually build money?

There are some ways to create cash on-line and you actually are solely restricted by your imagination. one in all the foremost common ways that of creating cash through your web site is by golf stroke ads on there for individuals to click on, this can be sometimes done through Google AdSense.

You can additionally review product associated with your web log in exchange for a commission from the corporate United Nations agency sells the merchandise. this can be called affiliate promoting.

Benefits of Blogging for a New Mum

Above, we threw light on what a mother of a newborn baby might feel after leaving her job. Frustration and loneliness is normal. Therefore, the urge to earn gets stronger. However, it is great to start off with your blog as a creative outlet; it will make you feel better and independent as well and in due course you will see an increase in earnings too.

So hopefully after the ‘why to start a blog’ and working out how much it will cost, now you have to buy a website name (domain), get a hosting account, and are on your way to making your web log and creating it an infectious agent success. If you’ve got all those and have started your web log already, then you’ve got most likely completed however tough it’d be to feature content to your web log and find guests coming back in.

So through this piece of article, you will be getting information about how to create content and which sort of content is attractive. Plus how to magnetize people towards it. Scroll down mommies.

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Why making smart Content is very important

Creating smart content is very important because it’s why your guests keep coming back to your website. They don’t come back to merely check out the look of your website, but the look of your site might keep them there are entice them to come back again (if its easy to access good content and its continually updated). They have to be able to read, socialize, and learn new things that they can’t learn from all of those thousands of other websites!

Your foremost aim must be attracting engaged readers through your creative writing so that they visit and then come back again and again. Make it useful, informative and fun for the reader. Guests will surely keep coming back to read more.

Getting Started – What you must grasp

So you almost certainly currently can see why making content is so necessary, right?  However what else does one have to be compelled to know? Well, making content is incredibly important, but making that content structured systematically is the best. You may wish to make a schedule if you can, try and aim for posting 2 or 3 good articles per week so that your guests will keep coming back for the additional information.

As already mentioned, your content must be distinctive, informative, and useful – this is the most important lesson you should take from this article! Additionally,  the tone and language must be quite straightforward and simply written, the more complex and technical the language the less appealing it will be to the masses – know your audience, they probably aren’t rocket scientists, so don’t use technical words and content.  Google ranks simple language better than confusing language (unless thats the audience).

Crafting good Content

There is undoubtedly an art to making the best content however this can be crafted through years and years of expertise and practice. Thus initially, don’t worry concerning the standard of your content and don’t stress excessively and concern yourself about fitting an exact sort of model. Simply be yourself – thats what mom readers want to read about.

Writing professionally would possibly be an attractiveness to a specific audience, but perhaps your audience may appreciate a more friendly style – maybe even embrace some slang and emojis. You’ll figure it out as you go along.  You want your readers to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves.

Make sure you simply pay enough time on your content, continually brainstorm and always write concepts down as you think of them (on the back of napkins and receipts :-) ), have confidence. You can simply write down about what went on throughout the day or that rant you have about a silly driver, or pet peeves about something that Moms experience on a daily basis, you will find that many other moms can empathize. Then, once you’re finished writing, spell check it and ask a girlfriend to proofread for you.


To conclude, beginning a blog could be a great way to take on an exciting new venture again and eventually creating some pocket money (with the goal of making a living from it). If you’re taking care of a newborn then chances are that you won’t be able to return to work any time soon, and perhaps finances may also be a bit tight. Therefore this can be a perfect opportunity to get yourself back in the game and on the right track.  Always remember, just have fun!