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Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller Review

Different kinds of strollers for the kids are frequently available in the market. But the choice of the best stroller that fits to your demand and comfort is a difficult task.  There is a wide variety of strollers available some are heavy, some are light, some have big wheels, some have small, some are with fixed nuts and bolts and some have adjustable ones. In order to best use your money that also fulfills your requirement and makes you comfortable, firstly, you need to be very clear about your demand and the other most important thing is to focus on the characteristics of the product you are looking at.


Contours options LT Tandem stroller is a best option to focus when you are choosing a stroller for your kids. It is best suited and a comfortable stroller for kids and the caretaker. The most significant feature of LT Tandem stroller is that it is a double seated stroller with the comfortable seating and no chance of suffocation.  The two seats of the stroller are designed in front and back position with the back seat slightly elevated to avoid crowdedness and suffocation. Both the seats have shades and safety gears. Hence, it is the best stroller for the parents who have same aged kids.

  • Its weight is average, easier to carry around
  • The design makes it perfect to handle all day
  • It can be easily folded
  • It carries the environment friendly handle that makes it unique

The other features that put LT Tandem stroller into the list of best double strollers is its average weight which makes it easy to carry. It weighs only 33.8 pounds and it can easily carry two kids having total weight of 80 lbs. it is very easy to accommodate the double stroller when not in use as it can be easily folded with the help of lever and can be placed anywhere by taking comparatively less place. It also has Auto-lock system for both the situations (when in use and also when folded). It carries a convenient free stand that keeps the stroller upright when not in use.


LT Tandem stroller has five point safety harnesses for each seat that can be easily adjusted according to the child’s need. Therefore the children can be protected from height and uneven places. There are six different seating options for both the seats that can make your kids feel comfortable. They may sleep, play and enjoy the view together while taking a ride.  The stroller has an open place assigned to keep your belongings e.g. feeding bottle, your bag and also your luggage and your children accessories.

The LT Tandem stroller is meant to be the most popular product of the market because of its wheels.  It contains two sets of wheels with 8 inches rim of the front tyres and 10 inches rim of the back ones which makes it very successful, smooth and easy to ride at uneven places. The wheels are designed in a way to minimize the risk of getting collapse despite of the odd situations and the weight it is carrying.


LT Tandem stroller is the best stroller with its quality and reliability because of its features. Even then, it guaranties a one year manufacturer warranty to ensure customers’ comfort. Hence, it can be the best choice for you and your kids.