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Dream on Me Freedom Tandem Stroller Review

Strollers are essential part of your life if you’re a parent. And the duty increases when you have to handle two kids at a time.Dream on Me Freedom Tandem Stroller is one of the reasonable ones in the market. It has almost everything that a normal stroller should have. It is cheap, comparative to other strollers but works best when you have to go for groceries shopping and need your stroller to fit in the congested aisles. But on a serious note, it is good for its price. You may not essentially keep this stroller as the primary one but one can definitely use this in certain conditions. I’ll list down the pros and cons so that it should be easy to judge from my personal experience for you.
• Its size is ideal, good for narrow doors and passages.
• Its way easy to guide and push because of its light weight.
• It has reasonable price for a double stroller.
• Works like a single stroller.
• It is not feasible for rough rides; it works only for smooth surfaces.
• The basket is not very efficient, cant store anything useful in it.
• The shade blocks the view of the child sitting on the rear seat.
• Steering on sharp turns is not very reliable.
But on honest level, it might not be one of the best things ever because the front seat isn’t very comfortable at all. My child’s legs mostly stick out and he gets annoyed very easily. But to be honest, I was quite shocked that even though its wheels are very cheap but yet they have worked quite well. I didn’t need to change the wheels at all but they went through different huddles and yet they work fine.
On the bright side, if you’re finding something cheap in price and yet comfortable for the congested places then, surely you should go for it. It can be useless to some people but to me it was useful at times and I would recommend this if you’re up for keeping this stroller as your secondary usage.

I would have to agree, it can also carry heavy children easily. My friend’s baby is comparatively healthy and for her it worked just fine. It can quite be your choice if you are not money spenders when it comes to strollers. I should also add they don’t have cup handlers which make it a bit hectic for me to work because then I have to separately carry another bag. Its overall average for me, I won’t defy the fact that it’s useful at some places but then also I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re going for the best one in town. The canopy is not at all suitable for rainy weather, be aware and if you’re going to face such situation, take something external to handle this. I have jotted down my review but I hope it was helpful for you and will help to make the correct choice.