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Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Review

I have to state this honestly, it’s one of the best strollers that I have ever used. In the past I wasted my money on different strollers and it all went into vein but this one gives me the comfort that in reasonable price, I purchased a good thing. Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect stroller is awesome for its use. Its stadium-seating is the essence of this stroller, my elder child use to complain a lot when we had another stroller that his view is not clear but this arrangement of seating is just perfect. It doesn’t only have a giant storage basket but also comfortable seats for my toddlers. The fight over food is over now considering both of my toddlers have separate food trays. The best part is, its one-hand folding.

  • It has one hand folding
  • Easy to move in winter also
  • Portable, and you can put it in your car also
  • Cozy for the baby
  • Have trays to keep baby food

Even sometimes I’m holding my youngest toddler in one hand and with other I can easily fold the Stroller. It’s perfect for a mom who has to handle two kids at the same time. Before, I use to hesitate a lot when it comes to long walks with my children but after buying this, it has made my life pretty easy. It can recline fully which gives my children quite comfortable nap time. I adore the cup handler that is placed on the top because I can take my coffee easily with me while we are on a walk. I love its features. It is light weight and yet doesn’t compromise on its quality. But considering all strollers lack at some points, it does too.


It’s not one of the best options at times when it comes to put my children in/out of the stroller because the trays are not removable so mostly my kids get stuck in between. From the top, the rear child is not really visible at all; I have to bend down to take a look at him. It can be quite a disappointment for tall children. My nephew is tall and it didn’t work well for him. My sister in law complained a lot about it. But fortunately, it did for me.

If I’m being completely honest, no stroller can fully satisfy the needs of the parent. But on the bright side, it has more pros than cons. And speaking from my experience, it’s actually very useful with a good price. It’s easily to handle even if I’m to handle my kids alone. One way or the other, it has made my life quite easy than I expected and I would happily recommend this to all the moms that have 2 children to handle. It’s perfect for growing kids which clearly shows it is good to go on long run.

I have jotted down my experience and hopefully it gives you a clear idea now how helpful it has been for me in the past. If you think it can also work for you and your kids then I would happily suggest you this stroller without a doubt.