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InStep Safari Double Tandem Stroller Review

Every individual wants to give best to his family. Choosing an accessory for your kids is a very challenging task because there are a huge variety of brands offering different kinds of strollers. A stroller makes it always easy to carry your children outside for enjoyment or work purposes. Stroller is also a safest and protected way to carry your baby outside home. Parents who have twin children or the children of same age must be looking for the double seated stroller. One of the very comfortable and trust able strollers can be Instep Safari Double Tandem stroller.


Instep Safari Double stroller can be the best choice for those parents who have to go outside on some daily basis for shopping purpose or anything. It has large wheels with best use for taking direction and smooth ride. Its wheels can be best for the uneven places and heights and easily be cleaned with little oil. The rim of the wheels is designed with varying diameters for safest journey. It gives the best ride without getting collapse. The stroller can be used on grass and bumpy places because of its excellent wheels.

This stroller has a perfect and very graceful outlook because of its features. It is easy adjustable and take less space to keep as compare to other strollers. It has easy fold system with Auto lock technology. So it is easy to keep when not in use. It has a tall handle the demands less pressure for any ride, so it is very comfortable for the parents to carry kids on the stroller. The fatigue effect after using this stroller is proved to be minimized because of its handle and wheels.


It has a pair of seats with very comfortable cushions adjustments and shades on each seat. It allows the relaxed ride for your kids. Its seats have safety gears to protect your kids from any jerk and uneven journey. The front and back position of the seats makes the two kids feel free and relaxed with the complete comfort to enjoy individually and also with each other. They can enjoy the view and ride at the same time without getting irritate of anything around.

It has a large bag to hold the cup during your morning walk or your wallet while your visit to market and your baby’s feeding bottle and accessories. It is very safe to keep your car keys and cell phones in its bag.

  • It has a large bag
  • Its safe to put your personal stuff also
  • This is comfortable for the baby
  • Easy to push and carry
  • Portable design so you can take it to picnics also
  • It comes with 1 year warranty

It is a reliable stroller with one year manufacturer warranty. So by keeping in view its characteristics one can make it the best and only choice. Choosing a stroller is in fact difficult but after going through the specifications of the strollers and matching them with your need and demand, it becomes very easy to choose the one that suits you. Instep Safari Double stroller is significant in its specifications of big handle, two seats, smooth wheels, easy carrying ability and long aged stroller for the its life time use in multiple time.