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Traveling with Double Strollers

Travelling with kids can be pretty heavy-some when you have kids of different ages, but worry not because following reviews might clear the air for you to decide what’s best for your children.

  • Peg Perego Aria Twin 60-40 Double stroller:

Double-Jogging-StrollersAs the name suggest its 60-40, it’s pretty easy to carry children of different ages. The best part that I personally loved is, its light weighted so carrying it in and out of the car is comparatively an easy task. I would agree, it’s made out of plastic so its parts do fall from time to time. But it’s still worth the money because it’s not hard to stroll with two kids inside it. The seats recline perfectly; I can change my baby’s diaper without even taking her out of the seat. Sunshades for the babies in this stroller aren’t properly maintained, if I would push the shade back too much, it hits their faces. But overall it’s good to go for me.

  • The Combi Twin Sport:

I personally loved this double stroller. It has a cup holder specially designed for the mother and three cup holders for the children. But I was disappointed by the bendable-strap at the front, it is a bit troublesome because my toddlers chew on it or push it hard when they are annoyed. I’m glad that it can fit a car seat so it’s easy for me. I agree, its storage basket is difficult to access when the seats are reclined. But on the bright side, it can be folded way easily so it’s not a problem for me put it in my car.

  • Joovy Caboose Ultralight

I’ll be honest;it’s one of the best double strollers. Its same in size as a single stroller is, but it is specially designed for two children. Considering my older kid is growing so she doesn’t always prefer sitting on the seat so it has stand-on platform that she stands on and enjoys while the stroller is moving. It can be a drawback but sometimes she does have to look from the sides to know what’s in front. For the second baby, the food tray at the front is perfect for my youngest. Its storage is massive and I can keep easily tons of things.



  • Joovy’sTooFold Double stroller:

Best feature, the shopping bag attached with the stroller is awesome. Going for shopping is way easy for me now. And the good thing about this stroller is it has a separate back seat that can be removed easily but the bad part is, it has to be bought separately. On a general level, I wouldn’t recommend this stroller if you have tight budget because it’s a bit more expensive than usual double strollers.


  • The Maclaren Twin Techno Double:

On a serious note, the buckle on the harness is a bit stiff and it takes a lot more effort than normal ones. The storage is hard to access when the seats are reclined. Overallit’s worth it. The double bottle holders are very accessible for me because it becomes easy to take out bottles.